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My name is Konrad Braun. With the help of my friend and business partner - Krish MK - I present to you the ultimate solution to getting your backlinks crawled. We secretly code-named it...


What is it and what does it do? In short, it is a fancy (yet very easy to install & use) WordPress plugin designed specifically to get your links crawled by search engine bots.

It allows you to take multiple URLs (thousands at a time if you want), paste them in an easy to manage WP plugin, which then takes those links and turns them into an RSS feed.

It then goes ahead and pings the feed to as well as (if API is set up).

Then it continues by automatically submitting it to my premium LinkLicious account. This alone drastically increases the chance of each campaign feed getting the attention of the search engine spider bots.

You can also set up your OnlyWire account so that the plugin automatically submits each campaign feed as it gets created.

But that is not all: You can easily (with the click of a button) share each feed through 22 different social sharing sites. That is a lot of sites - but hey, we all like options :-)

It gets even better though: We integrated LinkLicious so - if you have an upgraded account with them - you can enter your API key into RSSassin and it will submit all the links you entered into the campaign to your LinkLicious on complete autopilot.

This (of course) is optional, but we figure if you use LinkLicious anyways, we might as well save you the time and hassle of having to manually make your submissions with them also.

We are also looking at integrating other popular indexing services that (offer API keys to outside programs) so, what RSSassin does so far is just the beginning.

The Mission: We want to make RSSassin your swiss army knife of link indexing. Meaning, instead of going from one site to another to submit your links to indexing services, we want to save you time by letting you do all that (and more) with just a few clicks in RSSassin.

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Originally Posted by John Robbins View Post
Just thought I would post a support comment here for Konrad, a lot of people suggest that RSS Feeds no longer work for indexing, well I'm here to tell you that RSS Feeds do work and they work FAST, this tool creates RSS Feeds from links bookmarks in fact any link to your site, video bookmarks anything that points to your web property or even your money site. (and as a bonus it auto submits to linklicious)

I know this works well because all of my courses focus on the use of RSS Feeds and in one there is a live case study of a site goes from page 3 5 and 4 for it's main money keywords straight onto page one within hours of my mass RSS syndication, not only is it still page one - it's actually #1 for each of it's main keywords and so are most of this sites videos.

I actually had a WSO launch last year that focused purely on RSS Syndication and the feedback from people who bought this was huge, buyers said my product gave them the best bump in rankings of any SEO product that they had bought, this stuff really does work! and they all focus on RSS Syndication in one way or another.

This is one of the most overlooked yet powerful parts of SEO today, the price of $17 is ridiculously low as similar inferior RSS Software's will cost you far more.

I am a customer of Konrad's and I can tell you that this guy is on top of updates, what you buy today will only get better as Konrad always further develops and updates his plug ins.

If you are serious about SEO then I strongly suggest that you get this plugin, and pronto, it will make a huge difference to your SEO campaigns.
Originally Posted by unoentremil
Hi Konrad,

Purchased the plugin + OTO. Very useful.

BTW: Would you please accept my friendship request here at the WF?

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